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    January 26, 2021

    Top 3 Reasons to Use CarOffer

    1. Buying Discipline

    We believe dealers have better things to do than spend hours in auction lanes – physical or simulcast - acquiring vehicles that are less than ideal for their market and overpaying for what they do get. Just as there are best practices every dealership should abide by when it comes to sourcing inventory, there are just as many tactics to avoid.

    CarOffer takes dealers’ offers on vehicles and sends it to hundreds, if not thousands, of matching vehicles in our large, rapidly growing dealer network. Dealers get the vehicles they want at a price they want to pay, and our automated buying preferences tool helps maintain that discipline.

    2. Selling Power 

    Just as buyers benefit from an automated, preference-based process, sellers do as well. Selling a vehicle on our platform means dealers can accept the offers they want and decline the ones they don’t. And the offers come in from dealers across the country, giving the opportunity for that vehicle that isn’t a showstopper in one market to find a new life as a winner in another. 

    3. Strategize with CarOffer

    We know the auto retail market because we’ve come from there. The CarOffer team is made up of former dealers, General Managers, and used car Directors from some of the most well-respected dealerships in the country. We have the experience to analyze sales history and market data, and recognize how to stock the optimal inventory. Our trade advisors are more like trusted partners as they guide dealers on what vehicles are likely to perform well at their particular store (and which likely won’t), so every strategy is built for success.

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    Nick Gerlach

    As Vice President of Dealer Relations at CarOffer, Nick Gerlach brings experience, expertise and thought leadership with his 10+ years in the industry.

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