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    May 16, 2022

    4 Engines to Acquire More Consumer Trades

    Many dealerships are concerned about digital retailers cutting into their direct-from-consumer inventory channel, and for good reason. Nearly 30% of U.S. car sales last year were completed online, making the online retail space a formidable foe for dealerships looking to win back local car buyers.

    Luckily, companies like CarOffer are working to level the playing field for dealerships and empower them to compete with non-franchise, big-box retailers. Here are just four ways your dealership can start to acquire more consumer trades by leveraging the full power of the CarOffer platform.

    Buy Consumer Vehicles from Your Service Drive

    Parts and service sales make up 12.5% of the average dealership’s total sales, making them a steady source of revenue. But a disconnect between your sales and services teams can cause your dealership to miss out on additional opportunities to maximize profits. In order to get the most out of your service department, you need the right people, processes, and tools in place to simplify and streamline your service drive.

    With ConsumerLane, you can automatically invite your service customers to fill out a condition report on their vehicle. These customers will receive a real cash offer before even pulling into the service lane. This enables you to take advantage of the hundreds of potential trade-ins coming through your dealership each week.

    Buy Cars Directly from Your DMS

    Buyers want convenience above all else when shopping for a new or used vehicle. This means your dealership needs to go the extra mile to ensure the offers you put in front of consumers are ones they’re going to love. A Dealer Management System (DMS), like ConsumerLane, can help you do just that.

    ConsumerLane automatically targets and markets to any of your customers in the right equity positions. Automated marketing will allow your customers to submit their trade-ins and receive instant cash offers from the comfort of home. Don’t let the competition take your customers — give them the highest offer from dealers across the country, and close more sales.

    When sales, financial transactions, and service operations are all interconnected and centralized within a single platform, dealers can effectively manage every aspect of their business and, in turn, deliver a more personalized consumer experience.

    4 Engines to Acquire More Consumer Trades

    Power Your Dealership’s Website

    Strategizing distinct ways to sell inventory and generate buzz around your dealership is likely a major area of focus for your business. With consumer trades being such a competitive environment in today’s world, dealers need every advantage when it comes to standing out from the pack. While inflatable air dancers and local TV spots can certainly get you noticed, making a splash with your audience requires you to embrace modern-day technologies.

    With CarOffer’s vehicle trade-in tool, ConsumerLane, you can stop losing customers to range values. You can directly integrate the tool on your website, which enables you to deliver co-branded invitations and offers that drive traffic. Consumers want to know exactly what their vehicles are worth. ConsumerLane enables dealers to give customers a premium real cash offer for their used vehicle with the power of the CarOffer Buying Matrix. All leads are pushed to your CRM & CarOffer Dashboard. 

    Don’t want the trade? Pass the vehicle and make a $500 profit on each vehicle you sell back to us. By providing trade-in instant binding offers on your dealer website, you can beat your competition to win by leveraging the buying power of CarOffer.

    Take CarOffer For a Test Drive

    Consumer trades figure to be a major source of revenue for dealerships for the foreseeable future. In order to keep up with the competition and close more deals, you need to embrace innovative platforms that put your dealership on the fast track toward profitability.

    CarOffer’s dedicated support staff along with our advanced technologies enable you to optimize your direct-from-consumer inventory channel. Through ConsumerLane, you can give customers a cash offer for their used vehicle within seconds, and beat your competition to win by leveraging our Buying Matrix. With all of your trade-ins, you’re free to keep the vehicles on your lot or simply sell them to CarOffer. Either way, the customer is exclusively yours 100% of the time.

    Contact us today to request a demo or learn more about our consumer trade-in solutions.


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