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    February 14, 2023

    ASOTU at NADA – Interview with Bruce Thompson

    At the recent NADA conference, Kyle Mountsier at ASOTU caught up with CarOffer CEO Bruce Thompson. Bruce shared updates to the platform, how CarOffer helps dealers automatically acquire vehicles based on dealer’s pre-set strategy using our BuyingMatrix™.  

    Bruce reflected on his 30 years in the industry and noted, “With the great recession and then with the COVID era, our industry was transformed as it brought it forward a couple decades. Simply because before the pandemic everyone was focused on brick and mortar from an auction perspective. And we saw this industry transform almost overnight with the dealer-to-dealer platforms like ours as well as digital retail.”

    ASOTU notes how having more than 12,000 dealers on the CarOffer platform has exponentially made CarOffer invaluable to dealers for inventory exchange. CarOffer provides dealers used vehicle market data to target the right number of cars based on what dealers need using our BuyingMatrix™.  

    Last, CarOffer has really focused on listening to dealers' needs and creating innovative solutions based on that. Per Bruce, “The only reason we have been successful is by listening to our customers.”

    Watch the full video below or here



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