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    December 10, 2019

    Automation is Not Just for Driverless Cars

    Self-driving cars are one of the most anticipated disruptions, not just for automotive, but for daily life everywhere. For dealers, there’s plenty of headroom to bring automation into their dealerships in a way that keeps them ahead of the curve and focused on profitability.

    At CarOffer, we want to focus on empowering dealerships with tools to ride the automation wave, not drown in it. 

    Here’s how we’re utilizing the power of automation to help you profit:

    Trading used car automation

    Automated Buying & Trading with The Buying Matrix™

    As technology improves and access to useful information becomes more instantaneous, consumers expect the same experience during their purchasing process. For these reasons, we created the Buying Matrix™.

    Creating a trading system allows dealers to set their buying and trading standards to cruise-control, buying and selling used cars 24/7 without ever having to set foot in an auction or spending tens of thousands of dollars on direct-to-consumer marketing ever again. Let’s break it down further.

    Buying Used Cars

    Let’s assume you know what your consumers are shopping for. Until now, your only choice was to go through auctions or costly marketing campaigns, hoping you reach consumers. Dealers want efficiency and they want to know what they are getting for their money. 

    Understanding this, we created a system that skips the middleman and lets dealers buy direct— and buy only what they need. By creating the largest pre-owned vehicle marketplace to ever exist, dealers can buy and trade instantly and automatically through a simple system.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. What do you want specifically? Plug in those details and set vehicle parameters for purchases. 
    2. How much do you want? Designate the unit quantity, monthly budget and maximum price per vehicle.
    3. How much do you want to spend? Track active offers, approving manually or allowing automation to purchase unbeatable offers instantaneously.
    4. Want it fast? Receive instant updates to approve vehicle purchasing.
    5. It’s yours. Track automated transportation.

    Buying and selling used cars

    Selling Used Cars

    We believe there are other ways to close a deal than by simply selling. Disciplined traders that know what they want and don’t have time to waste can make informed offers on each vehicle in the CarOffer database.

    We made it easy: submit a vehicle into the ecosystem. Within 2 to 5 seconds dealers can track premium offers from the nation’s largest pre-owned operators. When an offer reaches or exceeds their specified value marker, CarOffer will close the deal and report equity in real time.

    Data Analysis

    You’re familiar with the phrase: “Knowledge is power; ignorance is bliss?” This applies to most everything in life, and automotive retail is no exception. We believe that dealers need to know what’s happening in the market and we often discover this through data analysis. 

    When dealers have data on every vehicle sold or bought through CarOffer, it opens up a whole new field of trading possibilities. By removing the guesswork and providing real time numbers, dealers can buy and trade 24/7 without fear of overspending or undercutting their inventory.

    Data analytsis used car

    Bringing Automation to Dealerships

    In an industry where auto-pilot is the new gold standard, key players will be forced to adapt to cutting-edge technology if they want to stay relevant and competitive. Automation is indeed the future of automotive— but it isn’t centered entirely on the consumer or the manufacturer anymore.

    When we recognized this epic and impending shift in the way our industry will operate, we thoughtfully designed our technology with automation in mind.

    Curious to try our Buying Matrix™ for yourself? Give our revolutionary software a test drive requesting a free demo, today.

    Jenn Villa

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