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    November 2, 2019

    Revving up Growth in the Used Car Marketplace

    Bruce Thompson is a lifelong auto retail entrepreneur. At each new venture, something new is learned and applied to the next one, creating a snowball effect of innovation. It’s safe to say that his 20 years of experience has led to the development of CarOffer, and based on the response from dealers, they would likely agree.

    Bruce shared his story recently with Brian Womack at Dallas Business Journal. He talks about his dedication on turning margin compression around for dealers by injecting some much needed innovation into the used vehicle market. 

    “We’ve created an instantaneous trading platform,” he said. “Dealers basically have the ability to order their pre-owned cars, just like they order new cars from the manufacturer. We match those buy orders, very similar to a stock exchange.”


    Alison Miley

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